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Hate to shop or do not have the time to? I can go shopping for you and work with any budget. I shop SCOOBIE along with other retailers to ensure we cover all grounds in order to fulfill all of your wardrobe needs. To get started please fill out the form below to set up your quick and complimentary consultation.


First 3 Hours: $75

Any additional hours: $50/hr

Half Day (3hrs) $90

Full Day (5hrs) $130

$25 for any additional hours

Josh notes, I don't like the pricing doesn't make since for extra hours to be more $$, maybe $100 for 3 hours and than $50, or the above? Or what about considering like $30 + tips???? so you don't cap it? you could do the below

Half Day (3hrs) $50+ tips?

Full Day (5hrs) $75+ tips?

$25 for any additional hours





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