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Sign up to arrange SCOOBIE delivered to your door step every month, quarter or more! SCOOBIE personally selects items from current store inventory specifically for you. SCOOBIE then conveniently deliver the merchandise to your home.

How it works:

1. You chose how often you want to receive a SCOOBIE package (monthly, or quarterly).

2. Fill out the below form so that SCOOBIE can contact you for a brief and complimentary phone consultation to establish your wardrobe needs and wants (this usually only takes 10-15 minutes).

3. SCOOBIE sends your shipment of 3-4 items. It can be a mix of clothing and accessories and I will also add in some personalized notes to show you how to wear your new purchases.

4. You pay $12 per shipment but the $12 is applied to any items you keep. If you choose to keep the entire shipment you will receive 15% off your purchase. Your card will be charged accordingly after 3 days of receiving the items.

5. Enjoy! And get excited for your next shipment

I want you to love every item, so if you do not-no worries! Please contact me no later than 3 days after you receive the shipment at and a return label will be sent to you. We pay for the initial shipping charges to you, but if any item needs to be returned, you will be charged for the shipping back of the item(s).

 Josh Notes: maybe we should send it with a return label....just for ease of use for them.....actually yea we should. Are you sure about charging them for shipping items back...? I guess

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