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Want to shop from the convenience of home? Allow SCOOBIE to drop off a variety of our latest merchandise, hand selected just for you to your door step (a complimentary service*)!

Drop Off Service/Personal Styling Process:

Drop Off Service - Personal Styling Kansas City

1. We have a quick and complimentary phone consultation (this typically only takes about 10-15 minutes) so I can get to know your style, sizes, needs, and wants.

2. We schedule a drop off time that works conveniently for you.*

3. I hand select items from our inventory just for you and deliver to your doorstep (or convenient spot for you).

4. You keep the clothes for up to three days and try on in the convenience of your home.

5. We schedule a pick up time that works for you.

6. I bring you any sizes you might need and pick up what did not work from you.

7. I send you an invoice for what you kept and loved.

To get started please fill out the form below to schedule your quick and complimentary phone consultation!

SCOOBIE delivers as a complimentary service to those who live within a 30 mile radius of Prairie Village. For a small surcharge we will deliver to those who live outside of this area. 

We LOVE referrals! Refer a friend who schedules her own drop off, and receive 15% off all merchandise you keep with your next drop off!

*Please note once a drop-off is scheduled your credit card will be kept on file and charged upon purchase. Drop offs are scheduled on Tuesdays and pickups are on Thursdays. All merchandise is either returned or sold at pick-up. All sales are final at pick-up. Fees may occur for untimely pick-ups/if the product is not ready to be picked up on time.


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