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We are a women’s clothing boutique offering unique finds at affordable prices. We travel the country to hand select our inventory in order to find the best quality pieces at the best prices. We have to touch and feel everything! We keep almost all of our items under $100 in order to keep the inventory in our store affordable to a large group of fashion-loving women! We currently have 3 locations across KC! See our ‘Location’ page for details!

SCOOBIE started inside of Trendz Market located in Leawood, KS in April 2012. After being open for a year and a half we expanded our presence in Kansas City and opened a second location inside of The Garment District in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. In early 2015 I was able to leave my 8-5 marketing job and focus 100% on growing and developing SCOOBIE. From there we started specialized services, an online store and pop-up shops all over Kansas City to help market our locations. In December 2015 we opened an “outlet” inside of Bella Patina where we have a small space that is open during the first weekend of every month where everything is on sale! In February 2017, we moved our Leawood location from Trendz Market to Addie Rose Boutique in order to facilitate our customers’ needs more. In December 2017, we opened a third location in Overland Park, KS inside of Kindred (located inside of Oak Park Mall next to Nordstrom) to help expand our Kansas City presence even more. In November 2018, we suspended our presence in The Kindred Shops in Overland Park to work on a project closer to our core customer base and deliver a space to cater their needs as well as our own as we continue to grow our brand. We are proud to announce the Prairie Village Shopping Center will be the home to our first, very own shop and showroom! Opening Summer 2019!! Stay tuned for more details!


We currently have suspended our in home pop-up shops and specialized services in order to focus on growing our family as well as growing our customer base at each of our locations. We are so lucky to have such amazing, loyal and supportive customers and love meeting as many of you as we can!


About Me

My name is Sarah Jabbour and I truly am in love with fashion. It is a genuine passion of mine that I want to share with others. I have worked in the retail world since I was fourteen and have always loved coordinating outfits and helping people look and feel their best. I believe an outfit represents you as a person…What do you want to tell the world about yourself?...How do you want the world to see you? One of my favorite quotes is from a Project Runway contestant who said “Life is too short to have on a bad outfit”, and I couldn’t agree more! It is so rewarding to see the confidence in someone once he/she is in a well fitted and styled outfit. I have worked everywhere from Limited Too as a young teenager to lululemon and Nordstrom. I have worked with small boutiques and seen how they operate (a local boutique in Lawrence, KS while I attended KU) and have also seen how a large corporation opens their first store in a new market (i.e. luluemon opening their first store in Kansas City as I was part of the team to open the first brick and mortar here in Leawood, KS). I was also highly involved in the start-up of a local boutique owned by one of my best friends and cousins; I learned so much about starting a business from her and was inspired to follow my own dreams of starting a boutique of my own. I have been able to create my own style and develop our own brand through our now 3 locations and love sharing our finds with all of our amazingly supportive customers.  I am blessed with twin girls who are the light of our world and am able to spend lots of time at home with them while running all of our locations (thanks to the continued support of my amazing husband and family)! It took us 2 years of infertility before giving birth to our twin daughters and we like to share our journey in order to bring awareness about infertility and to support those currently going through their own infertility journeys. Our infertility journey continues, and we will continue to share it to shed light on the issue. Thanks for following us and checking us out!  


Sarah (aka SCOOBIE)